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Verify a Business

You’ve seen the badges on websites across the internet claiming a site is secure. But how do you know those claims are legitimate? What does it take to pass those security scans? If every business online has one, how much confidence can you have in them?

You’ve seen more review sites than you know what to do with. Everyone has an opinion. Many reviews aren’t even from actual customers: bad reviews from competitors, high praise from employees. Business ratings, letter grades, flames, torches, what do all these systems and symbols mean?

A Verified Business badge communicates to all your potential clients that your company is a cut above the rest: legitimate, transparent, compliant, and established.

At Verified Business LLC, we are corporate specialists. We help over 200,000 businesses maintain their companies in all 50 US states. We understand business filings and corporate compliance. We know how to spot a fake, too. In fact, we’ve seen so many scams over the years, we can’t stand by any longer.

That’s why we started Verified Business LLC. To cut through the bull.

You know the major players: Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, etc. These companies mean well, but the ratings these agencies dole out are rarely accurate, and often the rating isn’t even attached to the correct business. At Verified Business LLC, we see this problem every day. We see how ratings websites and agencies hurt small businesses through inaccurate review systems, easily-scammed ratings, and completely erroneous accrediting.

“Should it matter that your cows have been feeding people for 30 years and you work out of your small acreage farm? Help your brand became transparent to establish trust and tell your story to your customers”

Part of the problem is that these agencies rarely know anything about business, corporate filings, compliance, and state and federal law. At Verified Business LLC, this is our background. We bring legitimate corporate expertise that cannot be matched. We are not here to provide fake rosy reviews or unsubstantiated negative ratings. What we do provide is legitimate corporate data listed in public records and corporate filings. We provide you with verified information about who owns a company, who runs it, what licenses a business holds, and whether or not they are in good standing with state and federal agencies.

It’s time to know who you’re doing business with.

Verified Business LLC gives you unparalleled confidence in who you are actually doing business with. Not just now, but ongoing, because our verification services are not a “moment in time” but continuous. We update, recheck, and re-verify on a consistent basis. So the information you receive isn’t based on data from last year. It’s based on now.

  • Who runs thecompany?
  • What is the truecorporate history?
  • Is the companystill active?
  • How do you legallycontact the company?

Have Your Business Verified:

Verified Business LLC offers a significant opportunity to stand out from the competition. Big or small, every company can benefit from verified transparency. A Verified Business™ badge on your website immediately demonstrates to your clients that your company is legitimate, compliant and accessible.

Business verification isn’t easy. Roughly 20% of our applicants actually achieve Verification. Our standards are high for a reason: our badge of approval means something. If everyone had one, it wouldn’t. A Verified Business™ badge communicates to all your potential clients that your company is a cut above the rest: legitimate, transparent, compliant, and established. No five-star review online can promise that.

We also guarantee improved customer satisfaction. The internet is awash with millions of options for customers to choose from. With so many choices, clients don’t know who to trust. A Verified Business™ badge stands out as a clear beacon to customers that your company is worth doing business with.

Verify a Business You Want to Use:

Right now, you can order a Verified Business™ Report on any business operating in America. Our background is corporate records, business filings, and business law. Unlike others in the field, we know what questions to ask and where to ask them. The answers are out there, but only if you know where to look.

It’s time to know who you’re doing business with.

Reviews can be faked and ratings manipulated. Business grades are meaningless. But verifiable corporate documents, licenses, tax filings, and state and federal registrations are not. When we Verify a business for you, we will track down all of these documents and filings and provide you with a complete report about where a business stands, how you can contact them, and what their legitimate corporate data truly is.


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