What’s Our Deal?

Verified Business LLC is a professional business verification company.  We offer two things: the Verified Business™ badge and business verification services for the general public considering a vendor.

We utilize a combination of public records searches, digital analytics, database inspections, corporate records, mail, vendor inspections, driver’s license records, onsite person-to-person evaluations, and old school private investigative practices to provide businesses and individuals with accurate, comprehensive data about corporations and LLCs across America.

We help over 200,000 businesses maintain their businesses in each state.

In a largely digital landscape, it is difficult to determine which companies are legitimate and trustworthy. We can’t tell you if it’s going to be pleasant working with a potential business, but we can tell you if the business is legitimate and who the people are that operate it.

Anyone can claim that they opened their business on such and such a date, or that they pay their business taxes, or that they are registered to do business in a certain state. At Verified Business LLC, we help over 200,000 businesses maintain their businesses in each state. We know how to separate the fake claims and the scams from legitimate corporate data.

Our Mission:

Verified Business LLC aims to assist legitimate companies looking to connect with customers. In a world flooded with information, how do customers find honest businesses with real services and products? In a landscape dominated by mega-wealthy corporations, how do small businesses providing cheap prices and quality service year after year compete? In a time when reviews can be bought and paid for and ratings systems can be easily rigged, how do companies distinguish themselves with true and accurate transparency?

At Verified Business LLC, we help companies provide clarity and transparency, one business at a time.